TPS Report Simulator

In November 2016, GitHub ran a game jam (called “GitHub Game Off 2016”) with a broad theme of hacking/modding/augmenting. My friend Eric has wanted to build a game for basically his entire life, and lately I’ve been meaning to carve out time for a coding project but never seemed to get around to it. We decided to team up for the Game Off so we could both make some progress towards our respective goals (plus it was an excuse to hangout and play video games.) Our game, TPS Report Simulator (play / source), is a retro-inspired pixel art “shooter” in which the player fends off managers, hacks computer terminals, and tries to escape cubicle hell. We ended up learning a lot, building a fun game, and having our game¬†featured in the Github write-up.

Our GitHub Gameoff 2016 submission: TPS Report Simulator


Dusting off my dancing shoes

It’s been awhile since I’ve written any real code. I’m not a software engineer, nor do I even play one on TV. I’ve dipped my toe into the pool of python, ruby, and a few other popular languages. I took some classes in college. I’ve even gone for a proper swim in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But, actual coding skill has seemed to elude me. Until now.

I’ve decided to start chipping away at “doing something useful with Python.” Recently, I was turned onto /r/dailyprogrammer, a subreddit where programming challenges are posted regularly to be completed in a language of your choice. I dabbled in these, and also completed the Google Python Class.

This has inspired me to become active in this area again, and to perhaps go a bit deeper than I have before. So, my github account is active again for the first time in a long while.¬†I intend to post brief updates on my progress and share samples of my work here. My first, and most substantial to date, accomplishment is a “scraper” of /r/dailyprogrammer, which looks for the specific challenge posts and makes a simple, HTML archive of them including a separate page for each challenge and an index file with links to each.

Currently, I’m working on a text-based program that simulates a probe trying to navigate a treacherous plane of 2d space.

Feel Trip Through Space

More to come soon

I’m also helping my girlfriend get reacquainted with web development, which is a great compliment to this scripting work and is helping me to check myself on what I actually know about HTML, CSS, and web application fundamentals. I’m sure there will soon be a day when her knowledge has surpassed mine and the best I can do is recommend reading materials or mentors.