Melancholy Automatic Photo Montages

I’m a few months into single life after being in a serious relationship for a few years. Mostly, I’ve handled the breakup well and it has been a relief, but I do occasionally catch myself feeling down. On these occasions, usually lonely evenings, I’ll try to do something around the house to perk myself up. The projects are usually simple things like frame and hang a poster, a little bit of painting, or maybe even just cook myself dinner.

When I do this kind of thing, I’ll usually take some pictures. Inevitably, I end up with a chipper montage of sad-lonely-single-man-night-at-home, generated by Facebook’s eager-to-please machine learning algorithms, and honestly, they almost always make me crack up. They’re like subtly depressing silent films. I could let them push me into an existential panic, but instead I have fun trying to select the montage theme with the jauntiest music or the most over emphatic, neon typeface. These make for the perfect pairing with a series of photos of my cat laying on the table next to some grilled chicken and vegetables I cooked.